Welcome to I ,me, and AI

Photo Credit: Ryan Daws / AI NEWS
Photo Credit: Andrey Popov

Hello, Thank you for being here.

My name is Hassan Machmouchi, IT Consultant, proceeding with my doctorate journey at CTU. During this trip, I reached a stage to start thinking out of the box (way ahead), wondering the boundaries of technologies, and to which extent we dare to think about the possible potentials. Currently, I am enrolled in Futuring & Innovation course with wonderful colleagues trying to envision the future.

The blog website focuses on a particular perspective of Artificial Intelligence and offers a controversial discussion away from biased and radical thinking. The adoption of AI to assist people with disabilities, comfort people in need, provide caring and companionship to the elderly. Such disciplines raises the question of whether machines may become more humane than humans (well, at least some of us)? Highlighting the latest discoveries and sharing innovative AI ideas for human benefits may promote new knowledge and accelerate technology understanding and adoption.

Join me on this journey, and let time only decide.

With Regards,

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