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Do we need a Perfect Robot?

Technically, in the domain of AI and machine learning, Robots apply reinforcement learning by deploying rewards to perform concise actions and reduce errors. In particular industries, any mistake is intolerable and fatal such as robotics practicing medical surgery. However, some address the use of robots in a societal environment; vulnerability is a necessity and crucial … More

A Robot Teacher for Equality: A Socio-technical Plan

Introduction The digital age has transformed people’s lives and how to do business across industries. The advent of Artificial Intelligence and the use of emerging technologies in education promoted new methods of imparting knowledge and teaching methods. The concept investigated the use of robots as teachers, particularly in developing countries and deserted areas, to advance … More

3 Points on the Socio-Technical Plan: The Robot Teacher

The digital age has transformed people’s lives and how to do business across industries. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence and the use of emerging technologies, education leveraged computers to promote new methods of imparting knowledge and teaching methods. The discipline investigated robots use as a teacher in developing countries and deserted areas to promote … More

Yahoo! What went wrong?

Companies could fail for several reasons, whether for lack of visions, realize the market shift, lack of innovation, or hesitant to make a decisive move. Yahoo was a leading player in the digital market, missed an opportunity to buy Google in 2002, then failed to buy Facebook in 2006 due to hesitation and undecisive offer. … More

Innovation Example

According to Kline and Rosenberg (2010), innovation should be viewed from a complete cycle covering the social content, market environment, and production of knowledge and facilities. The process demanded complex exploration techniques that might vary from case to case. Tidd and Bessant (2020) argued that the development could be caused by chance, accident, or serendipity, … More

The Rise and Fall of Digital Cameras

Introduction The assumptions of how the future would be shaped involve uncertainty, creativity, and imagination. The fundamental shifts in societal, technological, political, and several other factors played a significant role with a high level of ambiguity and complexity. Visualizing the future landscape exceeded the ability to perform forecasting as it involved additional factors and variables … More

Affectibility in Educational Technologies

The paper represented the influence of technology on the educational system and how the users perceived the digital transformation. Hayashi and Baranauskas (2013) assumed the diversion in learning practices, encompassing the formal, informal, and non-formal, has marginal significance. The paper addressed the technology augmentation in the learning environment across the three models in accord. The … More

Forecasting & Prediction

It is essential to differentiate between forecasting and prediction as those two words are used exchangeable without any consensus.  Forecasting is a sub-discipline of prediction as it is involved in predicting the future relying on time-series data. However, the prediction may further include estimation of the present outcome and may not concern the future (Döring, … More

Scenario Planning

According to Makridakis, Wheelwright, and Hyndman (2008), forecasting and scenario planning exhibited deploying alternative futures models, encompassing potentials, and challenges simultaneously. Generally, the history of forecasting faced discouraging results, yet does not undermine the essential process conducted for business planning and innovation. Traditional methods involve time series, trend extrapolation, and regression analysis, relying on past … More

Think Tank

A think tank could be an institute, an agency, or an organized group with a purpose to promote disciplinary research. The objective is to encourage discovery and facilitate intellectual interaction and communications among experts and scientists (Goodman, 2005). Generally, a think tank entity is distinct from government and nonprofit organizations; however, it may belong to … More

The X-Ray… by Accident

Society should appreciate accidents relatively due to hidden and unrecognized benefits that impacted our lives in certain circumstances. Some may call it destiny or lucky incidents that shaped generations and may continue to do so till further notice. Several innovations that entered our daily lives came by mistake or unintentionally as scientists were seeking investigating … More

Delphi & S-Curve in Decision Making

Delphi offered a systematic forecasting method relying on the gathered opinions of professionals and experts. The method provided an interactive approach that relied d on a structured group of experts, providing accurate feedback and judgment compared with other methods (Rowe & Wright, 2001). The purpose is to control the exchange of information anonymously iteratively to … More

AI Chatbot at University of Memphis

The University of Memphis initiated a digital transformational program to evolve user experience considering the organizational principles and the cultural drivers. The primary goal was to strategically promote a creative learning environment within the University, emphasizing a gradual adoption and clear roadmap (Johnson, 2019). Robert Jackson (CIO) launched a quick-win project of implementing an AI … More

Welcome to I ,me, and AI

Hello, Thank you for being here. My name is Hassan Machmouchi, IT Consultant, proceeding with my doctorate journey at CTU. During this trip, I reached a stage to start thinking out of the box (way ahead), wondering the boundaries of technologies, and to which extent we dare to think about the possible potentials. Currently, I … More

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